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Data wrenching with Azure Machine Learning Workbench

Data wrenching with Azure Machine Learning Workbench Hi all, This blog post will cover how to transform data with Azure Machine Learning Workbench. One of the […]

Azure AD Connect – Password Writeback Error 33009

Objective Recently I was working with a client implementing password writeback, and we received an error, which we resolved, but for which I could find little […]

How to define an Azure Limited Admin custom role

Hi all, After implementing the Governance policies and foundations described in“Deploying Azure resource policies” it is important to make sure the end-consumers will not be able to change or remove those policies. In the customer environment I’m curre...

A look at Windows AutoPilot

Introduction Windows 10 AutoPilot is a recently released collection of technologies from Microsoft that provides a simple process to setup and configure new devices, requiring minimal to […]