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Modernize digital processes to accelerate innovation and ensure data security

In addition to scaling with demand and flexible modernization, there are more benefits of migrating with Windows Server and SQL Server on #Azure with @Microsoft. Contact cubesys to learn more.

Office – Your Office applications can now apply the system theme

The Office 365 apps (version 2011 build 13426 or later) can now apply your system theme. As you know, Office applications had the ability to apply […]

Enabling your remote workforce infographic

Looking for a virtual environment to make work more accessible, flexible and secure? How about saving money too? Learn the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop here.

Seattle Against Slavery combats human trafficking and saves lives—at cloud scale

One of the largest criminal industries in the world, human trafficking affects an estimated 40 million victims. One nonprofit in Washington state is utilizing @Microsoft #Azure to fight back. Access this customer story and contact *[$profile.organization] to learn more.