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University of Bristol medical students use Microsoft Surface Hub

Check out this video about how #SurfaceHub allows medical students at the University of Bristol to innovate, increase productivity and drive toward global #collaboration.

Microsoft Practice Development Playbook: Security

As your company embraces the opportunities presented by cloud and mobile computing, you take on new risks. At cubesys, we understand that one of the biggest challenges in digital transformation is ensuring security, privacy and compliance. By developing a security practice, you can help turn the potentially dizzying array of services into a cohesive and understandable security solution that enables you to manage your security and protect your assets. In this playbook, you will find resources to help you protect against, detect and respond to breaches with a comprehensive security practice.

The Surface family fosters functionality

cubesys knows that the medium can be just as important as the message. With the right digital tools, you will be up to the task of communicating your message. Indivior uses the Surface family as a collaboration powerhouse that integrates the apps provided by Office 365. Surface Pro provides versatility and portability; Surface Book boosts productivity with its graphics and processing chipsets. Together, the Surface family gives businesses the software and hardware capabilities they need. Let us show you how your devices and Office 365 can work together, ensuring your message is delivered.

Secure your data in the cloud with Azure

Data integrity is everything. That's why #Azure delivers unified security management and advanced threat protection across your customers' hybrid cloud workloads. You can understand the security state across their on-premises and cloud workloads, find vulnerabilities and remediate them quickly. The Azure Security Center gives you options to limit your customers' exposure to threats. Advanced analytics let you detect and respond swiftly to attacks.. So you can give your customers that most precious of benefits: peace of mind, knowing their data is secure in the cloud.