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City speeds police, fire, and other services and controls spending with Microsoft 365

Corona, California is investing in the present to prepare for the future. With a city-wide IT upgrade to @Microsoft 365, Corona now resolves many IT issues in 10 to 20 minutes versus four days. Read the full story here.

Better on Azure: The benefits of using Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads

There are four key reasons that make @Microsoft #Azure the logical choice for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads. Access this document, and contact cubesys to learn more.

Windows – Still handful of outdated Windows version out there

An analysis from NetMarketShare ( shows that there is still quite a few devices still running outdated Windows version, including the long time retired Windows XP […]

Teams – You can now disable the message preview in notification

As you know, when you are using Teams and somebody is sending you a chat message you have a quick notification with a message preview popping […]