Azure – Azure Migrate now helps you to migrate your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to Windows Virtual Desktop

By now you should already know Azure Migrate, the migration toolkit helping you to migrate your on-premises infrastructure to Azure.

Well, Azure Migrate is now able to help you assess your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) on Azure using the Lakeside tool.

Lakeside will help you assess your VDI (Windows Remote Desktop, Citrix, VMWare…) and then prepare to migrate it to WDS.

The process to use Lakeside assessment tool is exactly the same as for any other Azure Migrate migration:


  • Then click on the VDI option available under the Migration goals section


  • Then either you edit or create a new migration project and add a tool


  • Then you choose to add the assessment tool Lakeside: Systrack


As for any other Azure Migrate assessment tool, it may take a little bit of time to get the data synced back to Azure Migrate.

From there you will have the following details available to help you prepare and migrate to WDS

  • Sizing assessment
  • Composition of current OS images
  • VM and software usage information
  • Performance data for core apps
  • Resource consumption and utilization
  • Usage segments based on user behavior


You can have a complete demo here