Azure – You can now enable backup directly from the File blade

As you know you can use Azure Storage account to host file shares on Azure.

Also you are aware that you can backup your Azure File share to an Azure Recovery Vault.

While the file share backup has been available for configuration from the Azure Recovery Vault settings for a while, you can now configure the backup of your file share directly from the File Share blade.

This will allow user creating Azure Storage account for file uses to configure the backup without granting them access to the Azure Recovery Vault or request the Recovery Vault administrator personnel to enable backup on their newly (or existing) file shares.

To do it, logon to your Azure portal ( and access the storage account where your file share is hosted.


Then go to the File Shares blade under the File service section to access the file share you want to enable for backup


Then, under the Operations section you will find the Backup option which will allows you to connect to the Azure Recovery Vault to use, or if you have the proper permission to create a new Recovery Vault and define the backup policy


NOTE enabling backup on file share will automatically enable the soft-delete capability for all file share in the storage account