Azure – You will be soon be able to move resources to another region (preview)

As you know, you can move Azure resources to another subscription or another resource group – except for an handful ones.

Until now, this was not possible to move Azure resources to another region.

Well, this will be no longer the case soon as a new move to another location (aka another region) capability is currently under private preview.

You can see the option (and request for registration) by accessing the resource group where the resource you want to move is located and choose the Move to another location option


If your subscription not registered (aka whitelisted) for this feature you will be notified you can not use it but can request to be whitelisted; you will have to fill a form and notify if you have an active NDA or not (the form is available here


I don’t have much detail on the limitations (type of resources supporting this option or the source/target regions where this will be available).

Be patient