Intune – Changes in option to create device profiles

If you are using Intune / Endpoint Configuration Manager to manage your devices you will notice a change in options available when creating device configuration profile for Windows (10 or later) and macOS devices.

You now only have 2 profile types available:

  • Settings catalog (currently in previw); this is a new capability letting you configure in a more simplified way device settings. This allows you to search for specific settings and configure all of them in one place
  • Templates; this is the option to use if you want to create device configuration profile based on the same previous type we had (Device feature, Device restriction…)

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To start using it, logon to your Intune/Endpoint Configuration Manager portal ( and access the Devices\Configuration Profiles to create a new profile.

When creating a configuration profile using the new Settings Catalog, you can search/browse configuration category which then returns all the available configuration options

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