Modern Workplace & Security

Accelerate Digital Transformation with a Modern Workplace

The world of work

has changed for good.

Remote work is standard and proven—and employee retention rates improve with more flexible workplaces.  

Flexible Modern Workplace solutions to enable you to effectively manage your workforce in remote settings—on the move, from home or in the office. Discover how cubesys can support you in pivoting to a cloud-first business using a range of modern technologies.  

Modern Workplace
Real Business Impact 

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            [stacks_0_text] => Work with cubesys to map your workplace technology, consolidate your existing tools and migrate to the cloud.

We partner with you and your stakeholders from the beginning across finance, implementation, and future projects.

Access free tools such as our corporate desktop and enjoy a successful journey in the cloud—thanks to proactive support from your cubesys consultant.
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            [stacks_1_text] => Experience straightforward licencing plans; pay per seat and scale as your business grows. Add BYOB devices and work anywhere.

We believe Modern Work solutions should be accessible for all. Our pricing structure reflects this belief with no large, costly upfront fees.
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            [stacks_2_title] => Security & Compliance
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            [stacks_2_text] => Expect the highest global security standards from our Modern Work solutions. In adherence to compliance and corporate governance, cubesys is ISO 9001 compliant.
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What is a Modern Workplace?

Modern Workplace champions digital collaboration, flexibility, connectivity and security. Evolving from the need to offer employees a consistent, fully-integrated digital experience across multiple locations, Modern Workplace involves consolidating legacy systems and extensive infrastructure in favour of agile, digitally-integrated cloud systems.  

Modern Workplace enables the management of devices and systems from the cloud—eliminating common work from home challenges.  

Our Expertise 

The cubesys mission is to offer SME and enterprise business customers the benefits of a fully-integrated workplace using the cloud. We offer the best in cloud and automation through Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Microsoft 365, Windows 10 and other leading-edge solutions.

A highly flexible, cost-effective solution that scales with your needs.


Modern Workplace enables your workforce to work whenever and wherever they choose—with security built-in by design. Through our combined experience in business, engineering, automation and DevOps, the team at cubesys is ready to support you in finding the best solution for your business.  

Our Modern Workplace solutions enable you to rapidly scale remote working capabilities for your workforce on any device, while maintaining advanced security levels. It’s a highly flexible, cost-effective solution that scales with your needs. 

In addition, our Automated Virtual Desktop services can reduce your administrative effort by highlighting potential issues before they arise. 

Expect More with
Modern Workplace

Digitise Today.
Benefit Tomorrow.

Today’s businesses need to be able to faultlessly migrate to a digital workplace, gain fast uptake from their users and quickly demonstrate the value of the investment.  

Our seamless approach to modern cloud implementation delivers an enjoyable onboarding process, faster user adoption and almost immediate returns.  

Let us solve your workplace technology challenges through our Modern Workplace approach. Speak to a cubesys consultant today.