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What is a Tag and

Tags can help streamline reporting and help to identify ineffective parts of your company’s Azure-based IT infrastructure. However, it can often feel like tagging sits in the ‘too hard basket’ due to either lack of resourcing or a lack of accurate tags to provide any meaningful insight. Luckily, we love tags. makes it easier to understand and manage cost governance, control and compliance, automation, charge-backs, lifecycle and system ownership. provides an intuitive portal for all roles across your organisation to manage, report and audit Azure tags.

Tagging Policies and Strategy 

Applying tags to your Azure resources helps to organise them into a logical taxonomy. 

Creating a tagging standard is the foundation for healthy cloud governance, ensuring that your reporting is accurate at all times by designing a system that defines consistent naming conventions (including spelling, case conventions and spacing). 

Without correct use of tags, it can be hard to attribute costs and make critical decisions. makes Azure cloud governance visible and easy for everyone – not just IT.

Why Our Customers

Benefits of

Workload Optimisation

Tagging can detect trends and solve larger – otherwise undetected – problems.

Governance & Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining a consistent view of resources helps to determine divergences from business governance practices and regulatory requirements.

Data & Security

Effective tagging helps ensure security and proper data classification in the event of data breaches or other security issues.

Operations Management

Access, print, and review cloud operational reports at the click of a button. Download your data for further analysis.

Cost Management & Optimisation

Tagging makes cost attribution easy, facilitating faster identification of cost-saving initiatives.

Resource Management

To help your teams to find, audit and edit specific workloads and environments – tagging is essential. Is Perfect For

Companies using find that system accessibility improves decision-making, streamlines underused subscriptions and services, and pulls together disparate data to produce meaningful reports. 

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