Disaster Recovery

The Best-Case Plan for Your Worst-Case Scenario

Hardware fails.

Cyberattacks make applications unavailable.

Data can be deleted accidentally. Whatever the nature of the disaster, a well-laid disaster recovery plan is your best path to a quick turnaround. 

The Highest Integrity
for Clients Large and Small

You might be familiar with ‘tick-box’ style disaster recovery plans—you may even have one in place at your organisation. But whilst these plans are often laid with the best of intentions, they rarely work out in practise. 

To develop elegant, proven disaster recovery plans that truly serve customers facing worst-case scenarios, cubesys goes beyond checklists and tick boxes. Not only do we ensure buy-in and comprehension at all levels within the organisation, we run regular rehearsals to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.  

You can’t predict the exact nature of a disaster until after it has occurred. You can, however, prepare, in order to restore operations to normal as quickly as possible following a catastrophe. 

As a vendor agnostic partner, part of cubesys’ value comes from our ability to identify the solutions that suit your individual needs best—and then mining them for optimal performance. Our deep expertise in crafting disaster recovery solutions ensures the highest integrity for clients large and small.  

You can’t predict the exact nature of a disaster until after it has occurred. You can, however, prepare, in order to restore operations to normal as quickly as possible following a catastrophe. 

Our Disaster Recovery Initiatives

1 Full Risk Assessment

Running full risk assessments of all possible threats and providing ready-to-go implementation plans.

2 Recovery Tools

Recommending recovery tools (such as Azure Site Recovery, AWS CloudEndure or other solutions) and architecting a personalised strategy for utilising them.

3 Empowering Your Team

Empowering your team to focus on business priorities, even as the threat landscape evolves.

4 Identifying Cracks

Identifying cracks in compliance and governance, plugging and improving these gaps through holistic disaster recovery planning.

5 Regular Testing

Regularly testing your disaster recovery plan without affecting production workloads or end-users.

6 Adaptation

Adapting your plan as your cloud infrastructure, integrations and requirements change over time.

Tested Disaster Recovery Solutions Protect Your Most Precious Assets


Our tailored disaster recovery plans can be set to scale with your usage automatically or as your organisation grows, eliminating the need to predict and hold the capacity for peak usage.

Minimise Down-Time

Because most cloud infrastructure offers smart synchronisation and automation, recovery can be quicker than you think. With asynchronous, continuous replication, you can expect an almost instant recovery of the most significant data volumes, if needed, so we can meet your recovery time objective (RTO) as well as your recovery point objective (RPO).

Rehearsals and Testing

Using AI and automation, we can cut through false alarms, quickly identify threats and streamline threat investigation. Testing in scheduled intervals ensures your stakeholders and teams are unmistakably clear on the process, should real danger occur.

Lower Costs

No longer does disaster recovery require an expensive second data centre. Thanks to modern solutions, such as low-cost staging areas, cubesys can help you launch fully-provisioned machines within minutes.

Holistic Protection for Apps & Data Centres

Improved connectivity with popular data centres and enterprise applications such as SAP, provides further peace of mind when it comes to data recovery.

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration Journey

Establish a disaster recovery plan in order to protect and streamline your organisation’s journey to full cloud migration.

Improve your organisation’s disaster recovery plan.

Reach out to one of our experienced cubesys consultants for a risk-free conversation.