Teams – You can now record 1-to-1 meeting

As you already know, you can record your Teams meetings but it was not possible to record a 1 to 1 meeting.

Well, good news, this is now possible.

Before getting into it, few things you need to know first:

  • 1-to-1 meeting recording is only possible (for now) when the 2 participants use Teams; when 1 of the participant uses either Skype for Business/Skype for Consumer or calls (mobile/landline) to join the meeting, the recording is not possible
  • When the meeting is recorded and additional participants join the meeting, the link to the recording is only sent to the original 1-to-1 participants; this link can be shared later on with others
  • The Teams Meeting Policy applies to the 1-to-1 meeting recording; this means the setting AllowCloudRecording setting will also apply to this 1-to-1 meeting; a specific 1-to-1 setting is expected later on


Well, now you can start recording your 1-to-1 meeting by starting a meeting with a participant using Teams and then use the More option to record the session

image_thumb[1]  image_thumb[2]

Once the meeting is ended,it will take a moment for the recording to be available


Then the recordinig will be available in the chat window, allowing you to to open the recording in Stream, get the link to the recording or share the recording.

In addition, you will receive a notification from Stream once the recording is ready

image_thumb[3]  image_thumb[4]