Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Keep your employees productive on their favourite apps and devices and your company data protected.

An effective mobility strategy is no longer a ’nice to have’  –  mobile productivity is a fundamental requirement to support a productive, mobile and engaged workforce.

As employees increasingly expect to be able to work from anywhere, on any device, your organization must move beyond the constraints of fixed locations and standard PCs. Enterprise mobility management solutions allow your organization to securely provide access to the apps and data people need to do their jobs effectively no matter where they are or what devices they use. The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is the comprehensive cloud solution to address your mobile productivity challenges. Talk to us about a FREE trial today!

By using the concept of a People centric IT model for users, your organisation can implement Enterprise class identity, security, data protection and device management on a per user basis.

This allows users to be productive on all their devices without any compromise of corporate data or policy. cubesys consultants have the experience and expertise to make sure you get the best out of EMS and ensure your corporate data is securely delivered to your workforce on any device

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Microsoft Operations Management Suite

Simplified IT management for any enterprise

With Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS) you will gain insight in to critical
information, in one, simple, integrated console. OMS provides the power to collect, analyse,
and search millions of records across all your workloads and servers—no matter where they are. Talk to us about a FREE trial today!
cubesys’s consultants will meet with your team to understand your
business drivers and IT landscape. Combining the understanding of your business with analysis of your current IT environment will allow cubesys consultants to build you a custom design and implementation plan.
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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery made easy

Every organisation is vulnerable to a range of outages and disasters. From hardware failures, human error and data corruption to floods, fires and power outages.

The value of DR is not in question; every organization is concerned about its ability to get back up and running after an outage or disaster. Implementing DR (Disaster Recovery) can be expensive and complex, as well as tedious and time-consuming. Testing the DR process and maintaining an off-site DR environment present their own challenges and additional workloads for operational staff. Azure Site Recovery (ASR) Azure Site Recovery helps you to protect important applications by coordinating the replication and recovery of physical and virtual machines. You can replicate to your own datacentre, to a hosting service provider, or even to Azure and avoid the expense and complexity of building and managing your own secondary location.

cubesys consultants have the experience and expertise to make sure you get the best out of ASR and ensure replication, continuous health monitoring and orchestrated recovery are set up and ready should you experience an unforseen disaster event or outage.

Talk to us about a FREE trial today. DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) Leveraging the scale and world-class infrastructure of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, cubesys have developed DRaaS solutions, tailored to meet all needs. Take the pain out of DR with a cubesys service that is design to meet your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).    cubesys will prepare a DR Plan for your needs, monitor health and regularly test the DR capabilities can be invoked as planned. Contact cubesys today for more details!

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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

cubesys Backup as a Service

Are you backing up all your data?

Backing up and recovering data is a necessary discipline in all organisations but often its costly,
cumbersome and difficult to manage. At cubesys, we remove the day-to-day challenge of this
responsibility, providing you a secure reliable and cost effective managed service.

We understand how important it is to know that you’ll be able to get data back quickly and
securely should a failure or emergency occur. That is why, as your BaaS provider, we will conduct
regular reporting and testing to ensure that your systems and data are being backed up, are
secured appropriately and available for restore when you need it. Contact us now to find out more!
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Office 365

Office 365

Giving your employees the freedom to work when and where they need to—on their favorite devices—can increase productivity, simplify team collaboration, and enhance their work-life balance. With Office 365, anything you can do in the office, you can now do on the go. With Office 365, you can provide anywhere access to enterprise email, file sharing, and online meetings without compromising security.
Drive your business with enterprise-grade services that were built for business. Social media platforms are changing the way we communicate and work. Office 365’s enterprise social network, Yammer, helps employees collaborate across departments, locations, and business applications. With social media for business, employees can now find and work with each other in ways that were never possible before, breaking down communication hierarchies and silos. Contact us now to find out more!


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About us

The team at cubesys possess many years of enterprise experience in the field of Information Technology Infrastructure.

We focus on providing solutions to clients that blend industry best practice with leading technologies. At cubesys, we have an evidence based track record in the successful delivery of IT Infrastructure projects across a diverse range of Government and Enterprise clients.

We provide solutions to suit the way you work; providing advice and high quality outcomes, on time and within budget.

A commitment to excellence, supported by experience and best practice methodologies, is what makes cubesys an exceptional company to partner with. The cubesys team collaborate to discuss clients and projects, ensuring the right people are working to achieve the best possible outcomes.

As one of the industry’s emerging brands, we stand apart with a commitment to quality, integrity and transparency.

We have invested in our internal management systems with a focus on providing timely information and measurable value to our clients. Get in touch…

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cubesys is a approved supplier for NSW and QLD governments.









Self-Service Portal The Cireson Portal for customers is a complete replacement of the Microsoft Self-Service Portal for Service Manager. Empower your customers to perform everyday self-service tasks by providing an easy to use, personalized experience when reporting issues, searching the knowledge base, and requesting services from the Service Catalog.   In addition, the portal keeps customers informed of the status of requests and captures bi-directional communication between the service desk staff and the requestor. Reviewers can approve or reject requests and request implementers can update the status of their work. Analyst Portal The Cireson Portal for analysts integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Service Manager to allow management of day-to-day activities on any browser, device, or OS. Built on cutting edge HTML 5, the Analyst Portal boasts fast, responsive, and highly functional capabilities. Items such as incidents, service requests, change requests, CMDB and reporting are all easily and quickly accessed and managed – with or without a desktop in sight. Asset Management Asset Management does not have to be expensive & complicated. At Cireson, we passionately believe in clever and straightforward technology.Every asset has a lifecycle from purchase to retirement. The Cireson Asset Management app directly integrates within Service Manager to enhance the Microsoft System Center, Server, and Cloud Platform’s powerful capabilities. It provides Asset Managers an effective lifecycle view revealing precisely where a particular asset is at any given moment, and whether or not it’s providing value to your business.   Track all your IT asset details from the asset status, location, department, cost center, owner, warranty, maintenance, and software licensing to gain control on your true IT operational costs.   With Cireson and System Center, you can optimize your current process by ensuring compliance, reducing costs, and automating the asset lifecycle management. Common efficiencies include: planning asset offerings, fulfilling procurement and retirement requests, automating deployments, office replenishments, standardizations, and managing incidents and changes all within Service Manager.


RES Software transforms the way users consume IT services through proactive, secure and on-demand delivery and return of IT services, with a great user experience. IT is seen as a trusted provider of IT services that allow IT to shift its focus from fighting fires to strategic projects that support the business. Finally business users get the great IT experience they want and expect from an agile IT department that is aligned with their needs. Workspace Manager RES Workspace Manager reduces the complexity of managing how IT services are made available to users, increasing the value of your technology investments for today and tomorrow.   It offers an improved desktop experience to users and, through context awareness, optimizes the way they consume the appropriate IT services at the right time, location, device and more. Automation Manager RES Automation Manager enables IT to quickly move from manual, repetitive and risky IT changes to automatic, secure and reliable run books.   Ease of use. Simple yet scalable architecture. Extensive out-of-the-box knowledge and integration. Virtually anyone can automate their daily activities with increased control and better security and compliance, laying the foundation for IT as a Service. IT Store With the RES IT Store your users and the business will be given what they expect and want: an easy to use, self-service portal where they can interact with IT without delay. The platform gives IT the capabilities to deliver services when needed and without manual intervention. IT can now respond to requests 24/7 and service delivery is instant. RES IT Store lays the foundation for IT to speak with the business on the right terms – as a strategic service provider.




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