Cloud Migration

Adoption, Automation & Optimisation

Unparalleled automation

Accelerate and enhance operations, security and governance.

Whether you’re an SME or an enterprise business, you already know the cloud offers opportunities for unparalleled automation that can accelerate and enhance operations, security and governance. Yet, despite its advantages, migration to the cloud can be complicated and expensive, if it’s not planned and executed effectively.    

Cloud Migration and Adoption

The team at cubesys offer valuable expertise and experience guiding clients of all sizes through the adoption process, providing expert guidance during critical cloud migration and implementation phases. Your success in the cloud is our priority—you can lean on us for advice on achieving the best results, quickly and within budget.   

When done well, cloud computing enables agility and scalability; it reduces both the costs and the stress associated with managing, measuring and maintaining your systems.

We support you—start-to-finish—from planning and executing your journey with full transparency through to quickly realising the benefits cloud has to offer.

Our experienced team of cubesys consultants work with you to develop a tailored, risk-mitigated cloud strategy that considers all possible deployment models, with minimal downtime. 

Cloud computing enables agility and scalability; it reduces both the costs and the stress associated with managing, measuring and maintaining your systems.


Extract the highest possible strategic value from the cloud.


Mitigate risk during migration.


Accelerate the adoption of changing systems.


Scale your network needs according to required growth.


Alleviate the stress of managing and maintaining a disparate network.


Manage budgets and cost over time.

Cloud Automation & Optimisation  

As your business scales, cloud automation & optimisation make it possible to achieve more with your existing resources. 

Through early integration of cloud automation—in tandem with migration—further cost efficiencies and opportunities for optimisation can be found.  

Cloud automation can support your

  • Storage and backups  
  • Managing security and compliance  
  • Infrastructure as Code (Iac)  deployment  
  • Configuration as Code (CaC) and settings  

Our mission is to enable you to achieve optimal performance from the cloud—and we’ll challenge your current ways of thinking if we believe you’ll benefit.   

Expect cubesys to help you:

  • Challenge existing thinking
  • Establish proper cloud governance tools
  • Extract the full value of cloud computing
  • Address resource capacity challenges
  • Access data analytics
  • Strengthen your security

By optimising tasks relating to the cloud, we can streamline your efficiencies further, maximise budget and intelligently use resources—helping you focus on what you do best.

App Optimisation & Modernisation 

Unlock the full benefits of the cloud by developing the appropriate approach to modernising your applications.  

Whether this includes refactoring, rearchitecting, rebuilding or retiring applications, defining the appropriate approach minimises overheads, debt legacy and the risks associated with a ‘lift and shift’ approach to the cloud.  

cubesys app optimisation services can help you:  

Our expert consultants are standing by.

We’re here to walk you through our services or myth-bust any questions you have about the cloud.