Windows 365

Stream your personal Windows experience securely—including your apps, content, and settings.
All from the Microsoft cloud to any device from anywhere.

Why Windows 365?

What about Azure Virtual Desktop?

We forgive you for thinking… ‘What’s the difference?’, ‘Aren’t they the same?’
The option you choose for your business will depend on a few key factors:
The size of your organisation
If you have a dedicated IT team
How much input and control you want to have over your environment.
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cubesys has been developing remote working solutions for years and have worked with organisations of all sizes. We know we can help you find the right solution for your needs.

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Why cubesys?

The cubesys team are deeply passionate cloud specialists with extensive expertise in engineering, automation and DevOps. Driving us is a desire to help businesses and organisations of all sizes succeed with cloud technology, enabling them to digitise, innovate and improve efficiency through cloud adoption, optimisation, automation, and day-to-day management of cloud systems.
We were the first Australian born company to achieve Advanced Specialisation for Windows Virtual Desktop, awarded by Microsoft earlier this year. We bring a wealth of real-world experience to the table.

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