Support Services

Get the Most Value from your Cloud Infrastructure

Become lean, fast & innovative.

Get the most value from your cloud infrastructure through cubesys’ range of flexible support services that can plug-in when needed.

Support Services cubesys can help you with

  • Support or host all your IT needs, across a range of locations, platforms and hosting models. 
  • Provide services to keep your entire server fleet healthy, available and up-to-date. Get back to focusing on your core areas of business with cubesys managing your IT environment and ensuring optimal performance of your infrastructure.
  • Work as an extension of your team, whether that means supporting you as you define strategic roadmaps or holistically managing systems on your behalf. 
  • Need to offload day-to-day tasks that are hard to resource due to budget constraints or required expertise? cubesys can help by providing a ‘Block-of-Hours’ package to suit your particular needs. 

Cubesys provided a comprehensive review of our Azure platform. They identified and improved several areas, saving us thousands of dollars each month in subscription costs.

Frances Waterford
Chief Information Officer — Cancer Council NSW

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Our Australian-lead 24/7 service desk can support any IT Infrastructure expertise and task fulfilment you require.

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Service Level Agreements are critical to a successful support service. Our SLA’s give you peace of mind and keep all parties accountable.

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Accelerate Your Success

with Holistic Support Services

cubesys Subject Matter Expert (SME) Support
Modern Workplace Support
Cloud Support
Security Support
Virtual Desktop Support

cubesys Subject Matter Expert (SME) Support

Body: Specialised support from our consultants when you need it — where you need it. cubesys SME support is defined by your needs on an ad-hoc or retained basis. We will work with you to determine a project or task-based program, and to implement on days that suit you — both remote and in-house. 

We offer SME support for:
  • Health Checks
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Project Resources
  • Planning & Implementation
  • Virtual CTO

Modern Workplace Support

cubesys team of end-user compute experts bring together hundreds of years of experience from a wide variety of backgrounds. True to our mission statement, we work to democratise IT services, bringing enterprise class cloud solutions to companies of all sizes. We use automation and repeatable IP to get the best from your Microsoft 365 investment, so you can focus on your end-users and your business success.

Having helped our clients adopt Office365, EM+S and Windows 10\11 since it’s inception. Our experienced experts have all the right knowledge to help you:

  • Target Microsoft workloads for your business
  • Plan user adoption
  • Manage costs
  • Automate workflows
  • Maintain security posture
  • Roadmap the enablement of new capabilities
  • Stay successful with Microsoft 365

Cloud Support

From our intense migration and implementation support through to ad-hoc cloud support — we’ll give you the confidence to excel in the cloud.

We provide support for: 
  • Cloud Center of Excellence
  • Cloud Cost Management and Optimisation
  • Cloud DR Support Services
  • Cloud Backup Support Services
  • Platform Support Services
  • DevOps & Automation

Security Support

Cubesys security specialists’ safeguard your infrastructure, understand threats and accelerate response times across your cloud environment, while allowing your teams to focus on higher-priority issues. 

We provide support for: 
  • Identity Management and Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Privileged Identity Management
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • MFA & Conditional Access
  • Office 365 Security
  • Defender ATP
  • Azure Security Centre
  • Azure Sentinel
  • Endpoint Manager

Virtual Desktop Support

Our deep understanding of cloud-based operational models and unparalleled experience in AVD & Windows 365 allows cubesys to continual deliver benefits. Whether your deploying unique engineering desktops, secure developer environments or fluctuating remote worker multi-session desktops we have the real-world experience to help.

We have already delivered 40+ Virtual Desktop deployments to a wide variety of clients. So our experienced experts have all the right knowledge to help you:

  • Maintain platform health and updates
  • Optimise costs through proactive automation
  • Maintain security and patching configuration
  • Provide Windows 10\11 Servicing updates
  • Backup user profiles
  • Monitor and Alert, with deep analysis dashboards
  • Backup user profiles
  • Provide unique AVD Chargeback reports
  • Update applications regularly
  • Finally provide guidance on operational best practice and next steps.

Don’t see your support needs listed above?

We’d love to help, whatever your challenge.