AWS – Honeycode or how to quickly build web and mobile applications

image_thumb[1]A new Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been introduced in preview called Honeycode

This new AWS service gives you the power to build powerful mobile & web applications without writing any code; if you are familiar with Microsoft PowerApps, this is basically very similar.

Honeycode is mainly oriented (for now?) for spreadsheet oriented data sharing (aka Excel based)

You get started for free with the Honeycode Builder available at to create a new account


Then you can start building your first application with no code by creating a workbook and either start from scratch or use one of the predefined templates

image_thumb[3]  image_thumb[4]

Once you have defined the data structure you can then build your application using the Build app button

image_thumb[6]  image_thumb[8]

You can define how to display the data, provide action buttons, automation…


You can live test your application using the View app button available top right of the builder