Azure AD – The Trusted/Named Locations blade has a new experience (preview)

If you work with Azure Active Directory (AAD, Azure AD), you should already know the Named Locations (also known as Trusted Locations) settings which allows you to define a list of IP addresses or ranges to be marked as trusted or not and then can be used with Conditional Access.

Well, the administration experience for the Named Location has a new interface in preview, which I think make it easier to manage.

The next time you logon to your Azure ( or Azure AD ( portal to manage the Named Locations you will see a banner telling you a new experience is available and it will replace the current one soon

NOTE please note that any changes done using the new/preview experience will not be visible with the current one but will be still applied

The Named Locations blade can be accessed from Azure Active DirectorySecurityNamed Locations

Below the ‘old/current’ experience and the new one to compare

Current Experience New Experience
image_thumb[2] image_thumb[5]