Azure – Azure Backup now protect against accidental deletion in Azure File Shares

By now, you should already know Azure Backup, the Azure solution to protect your workloads (both on-premises and online) by backing them up, and Azure File Share, the Azure solution to provide file-share like services to replace your on-premises files servers.

Well, now Azure Backup is providing an additional security layer by protection you against accidental file share deletion (either by user error or malware attack).

To take advantage of this new capability, you need to have off course an Azure Recovery Service vault in place and configure it to protect your file share(s) (Azure Storage account).

Once you protect your Azure File Share, Azure Backup automatically enables the soft delete feature on the protected Storage Account with a retention period of 14 days.

You can already manually enable the soft delete but by using Azure Backup you will be able to manage it directly from the Azure Recovery Vault

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