Azure – Azure File now has more protection against accidental deletion

By now you should already know Azure File, the Azure Storage feature allowing you to use it as the ‘classic’ SMB (Server Message Block) file system or file share; allowing you to access the content using your explorer.

Well, good news as a new accidental deletion (and maybe not so accidental too) protection available for Azure File:

  • Soft Delete: acting as the Recycle Bin on your client device; allowing you to recover deleted files

Before being able to start using the Soft Delete feature, you need to turn it on by accessing your Azure Storage used for Azure File and turn the Soft Delete feature one (available below the File Service section)

Connect to your Azure portal ( and access the Storage accounts service to select and edit the storage account used for Azure File


There go to the File ServiceSoft Delete configuration blade to switch on the feature; you can define a retention period between 1 day up to 365 days

image_thumb[1]  image_thumb[2]

Once activated, you can then recover a delete file share by accessing the File serviceFile shares blade; at first you will not see your delete file share, you need to turn on the option Show deleted shares available top right of the file shares blade


Once the Show deleted shares is turn on you will see your deleted shares with the status Deleted


You can then use the contextual menu to recover it (aka Undelete)

image_thumb[5]  image_thumb[6]  image_thumb[7]