Azure – Azure Secure Score has been simplified (preview)

By now you should know Azure Secure Score (ASS), the Azure Security feature which helps you review the security recommendations and prioritize them for you.

Well, Azure Secure Score has been simplified and is now in preview.

To start using this new and simplified Azure Secure Score, logon to your Azure portal ( and reach the Azure Security Center and go to the Secure Score blade


From there you will see a blue banner ‘A new Secure Score experience is coming soon’ with the Try the preview button


When switching to the new ASS experience, a new tab/window (depending of your browser settings) will open.

The first thing you will notice is the Secure Score details is now showing a percentage rather than a number (below the ‘old/current’ experience vs the ‘new’ one)


Current Experience New Experience

Then when you go to the Subscription level to view the recommendations, you have clearer view of your security posture with the use of the Pie chart and you can view all recommendations grouped by controls

Current Experience New Experience