Azure – AzureRM PowerShell will be retired by Feb 29, 2024

As you know, you can manage your Azure resources using either the web portal ( or command line tools (Azure PowerShell or Azure Cli).

Well, regarding Azure PowerShell you also know the PowerShell modules have been evolving continuously.

If you are still using the ‘old’ AzureRM modules (introduced in 2015 and since then been replaced by the Az modules in 2018), you will need to review your scripts to ensure you are using the Az modules before February 29, 2024.

At this date, AzureRM will be removed and your code will stop working if not migrating to Az modules.

To help you migrate safely to Az modules, you can use the Az.Tools.Migration module which will analyze your code and provide replacement code (see; if you have any issue with the migration toolkit you can reach out here