Azure – Identity Recommendations are now included in Azure Security Center Free tier

By now, you may already know that Azure Security Center (ASC) is your one-stop shop to improve your security posture in Azure.

ASC comes with different pricing, including one free but limited one.

Well good news, Identity Recommendations – which were limited to paid tiers previously – are now also included with the free tier.

This inclusion is going to impact your Secure Score if you were using the Security Center with the free tier as the identity recommendations were not assessed.

Next you access your free tier Azure Security Center you will see the identity recommendations showing up in the Overview (under the Resource security hygiene section) as well from the detailed blade under the Resource Security Hygiene section


Then you can access the identity recommendations (Identity & Access resources) to help you secure your identities


The full list of identity recommendations can be found here

As always you will need to carefully review these recommendations as they may impact your systems.