Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Portals and Admin Centres

Microsoft, with its proliferation of products and services, strives to provide management tools that would make life easy for users, administrators and managers through portals and admin centres. Some can be intuitively found while others may need a bit of digging and searching.

I have managed to create a list of all of them which I am happy to share if it can help you find your way.

Please let me know if you think I have missed any.

Main portals:

These are portals that contain (almost) everything related to Azure, Office and/or Microsoft 365 (M365). Some management tools can be found on 1, 2 or on all 3 portals. For instance, Azure AD Users can be managed from the Azure portal and in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre portal as well (which can itself be accessed from Admin link in the Office 365 portal)

Azure portals

Beyond the main Azure Portal, there are several Azure portals:

  • You can preview what is coming to Azure via the Azure Preview portal at
  • If you subscribe to Azure services as a non-profit organization to benefit from specific services and discounts, you could log on to
  • Finally, if you have an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft then you will get an invitation to access the portal where you can manage costs for the Azure EA services. This is also where you can create an Azure EA hierarchy including Departments, Accounts and Subscriptions.

Azure services related portals

  • Azure Active Directory admin centre – This portal can be accessed from and from the Microsoft 365 admin centre as well.
  • Azure Lab Services: As an education provider, you can setup accounts for your educators so that they may in turn create (repeatable) lab environments for their students.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – Multi-factor authentication (

Users and Devices management

These portals allow you to manage anything and everything about your Azure AD / Microsoft 365 / Office 365 users and devices:


Messaging management

Security and Compliance

Office 365 Apps

Developer admin centres

Troubleshooting tools

End user portals

Licensing Map

  • Microsoft 365 Maps – (courtesy of @aarondinnage)

Documentation, Education and Certification

The three below are not Azure, Office or M365 related but they deserve to be mentioned!

Bonus: Microsoft Defender family

Microsoft Defender Family

Microsoft 365 Defender

Azure Defender

Azure Defender services are all centralized in the Azure Portal under the Azure Security Centre blade –

  • Azure Defender for Servers
  • Azure Defender for App Service
  • Azure Defender for Storage
  • Azure Defender for SQL
  • Azure Defender for Kubernetes
  • Azure Defender for Resource Manager
  • Azure Defender for IoT