Azure – The Azure Service Health is now providing security advisories

As you know, when working with cloud resources, security is a key component.

While Microsoft Cloud services (Office 365 and Azure) are quite secure, there is always room for potential issues; especially for the part under the customer responsibilities.

To help customers to have a good security posture, Office 365 and Azure have already provided quite a lot of good security tools and recommendations (Secure Score, Azure Security Center, Identity Governance, PIM…).

To increase the awareness of potential security issue, the Azure Service Health (you already know it to be informed about services issues) is now also providing Security Advisories.

Security Advisories in Azure Service Health need to be differentiated from the Azure Security Center as it does not cover the same level of security.

Security advisories in Service Health provide notifications dealing with platform vulnerabilities and security and privacy breaches at the Azure service level while Azure Security Center communicate vulnerabilities that pertain to affected individual Azure resources.

You can access these Security Advisories from the Service Health blade