Azure – You can now get Azure Advisor digest

As you know, Azure Advisor is an Azure service analyzing your Azure landscape to give you personalized recommendations to help you stay on top of the security, best practices and usage optimization.

Well, you can now get a digest of these recommendations periodically.

You can define the frequency, recommendation categories and how to receive these digests (SMS, email, push notification through the Azure mobile app or even webhook or ITSM, like ServiceNow).

To setup this digest, connect to your Azure portal ( and search for Advisor


Then go to the Recommendation digests blade under the Monitoring section


There click on the New recommendation digest button available in the toolbar


From there you define the subscription (if you have multiple subscriptions you need to create one digest for each subscription) you want to get the digest, frequency, categories, language and action (aka the communication channel you want to receive the digest)