Industry Non-profit, Health
Date September 2022

Modernising Cloud Infrastructure with AVD

AVD Migration Project Leads To A More Efficient Infrastructure for Aged Care Provider


The aged care provider has leveraged the power of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) to reduce the costs of its infrastructure and improve user experience, paving the way for a more efficient and cost-effective work system.  

The Customer 

The client is a non-profit Christian charity offering health and aged care. This includes hospital care, residential care, and community services. Their main mission is to improve the quality of life for the elderly, the disadvantaged, and anyone with complex health needs, with a special focus on dementia care, palliative care and research. 

The Problem 

The client’s infrastructure to support its services and workloads was previously built on Citrix. While this was able to cater to their needs for a while, the client was starting to find the costs of running and maintaining Citrix increasingly unfeasible.  

They began looking for a new cloud service provider. Choosing an alternative that offered the expected level of efficiency and robustness while offering lower expenses was a necessity. The extra costs spent on their current environment could be allocated towards more pressing activities within the business. 

The Solution 

cubesys’ team of Cloud Consultants then stepped in and began analysing the client’s current packages and software. This allowed the team to get a good understanding of their current environment and manufacture a solution custom-fit to their needs.  

After careful evaluation of their environment, the client was deemed to be an excellent fit for AVD. As part of their migration to their new cloud provider, they needed thorough management of their multitude of applications as well as sensible packaging of their software.  

This was the most challenging component of their AVD migration journey; packaging software requires immense skill and attention to detail. Failure to do so causes clashes and issues that can arise between applications and software down the line. This can slow down or even halt their operations, resulting in detrimental impacts on the patients they care for. 

In addition to this, the client’s cloud infrastructure had multifaceted databases, where the same software would use different databases depending on location. This means that, when a staff member would log in, their location influenced the database they accessed.  

The customer and cubesys maintained frequent communication throughout the duration of this project. Interactions were primarily held through Teams and remote meetings, which allowed greater flexibility and increased work efficiency. 

The Outcome 

AVD fulfilled the client’s need for a scalable, highly efficient cloud environment that remained cost-effective. These savings can now be allocated towards other components of the business that would benefit greatly from it.  

The new cloud infrastructure also had benefits that reached end-users in the form of improved user experience. The user-friendly interface of AVD enhanced the user experience by providing them with an effective and familiar workstation, boosting productivity.  

Perhaps the greatest value provided to the customer was the addition of analytics around their software suites and the method for packaging it. This gave them the ability to work in the most efficient manner both financially and technically. 

Across the duration of this project, the client’s team worked closely with cubesys Cloud Consultants to exchange feedback and discuss strategies. We are eager to continue this joint technical endeavour with the client again in the future.