Unlocking Possibilities: cubesys’ Transition from Legacy VDI to Cloud VDI

In the epoch of digital transformation, cubesys leads a revolution by guiding businesses through the intricate journey from legacy VDI to the dynamic realm of Cloud VDI. This strategic transition eradicates legacy debt, liberates organisations from lock-in contracts, optimises costs, and unleashes the full potential of Cloud VDI, where licensing costs are remarkably low.

Legacy VDI vs Cloud VDI: Dissolving the Chains of Legacy Debt 

cubesys understands the weight of legacy debt that often accompanies traditional VDI setups. With the journey into Cloud VDI, organisations experience the liberation from extensive capital investments, resulting in reduced maintenance overhead. This transition provides a clean slate for technological innovation, encouraging businesses to explore and implement advanced solutions that drive efficiency.

Removing Lock-In Contracts: Paving the Way for Flexibility

Lock-in contracts have long impeded organisational agility and hindered rapid adaptability to changing market dynamics. cubesys empowers businesses by showcasing how Cloud VDI frees them from restrictive agreements, offering flexibility to adapt to evolving needs. The transition opens doors for organisations to pivot swiftly, reallocate resources effectively, and respond promptly to market demands without being confined by contractual obligations.

Efficiency in Costs: Unveiling the True Value Proposition

cubesys understands the true value of Cloud VDI in terms of cost efficiency. It delves deep into the economic advantages, highlighting how Cloud VDI enables dynamic resource scaling, leading to optimised costs. This transformation allows organisations to operate with lean budgets, ensuring that capital investments align more closely with business objectives. It’s about enabling businesses to pay for what they use, maximising efficiency, and optimising return on investment (ROI).

Ongoing Time and Effort: Streamlining Operations with AVD

Cloud VDI, particularly with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), minimises ongoing time and effort investments associated with traditional VDI models. cubesys emphasises simplicity as a cornerstone: AVD streamlines operations, reduces administrative burdens, and liberates businesses from the complexities of managing extensive infrastructure. This shift allows organisations to channel their efforts and resources towards their core competencies, driving innovation and growth without being encumbered by infrastructure management. 

To summarise, your journey from legacy VDI to Cloud VDI effectively addresses legacy debt, freeing from lock-in contracts, optimising costs, and positioning organisations for unparalleled success in the digital age. It underscores the significance of modern VDI solutions, such as Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), in architecting organisational freedom, efficiency, and technological prowe