Exchange Online – Cortana Email, new automatically generated briefing email

A new automated generated email feature is being introduced to Office 365/Exchange Online called Cortana Email.

This new feature provides incoming meetings and outstanding tasks summary to end user.

At this stage, this Cortana Email is going to be sent to users:

  • which are part of the Targeted Release – either individually assigned or tenant assigned
  • having an Exchange Online license
  • using Office in English language

This settings is turn on by default.

Feature Management

Exchange administrator can disable this feature on a per user basis (there is no global settings available) using Exchange Online PowerShell module v2 (

To disable (or enable), you need to use the following commands:

  • Connect to Exchange Online with the v2 PowerShhell module



  • Set the feature for one user

Set-UserBriefingConfig –Identity <email address> -Enabled $false – $false to disable the feature, $true to enable it


  • You can check the current configuration using

Get-UserBriefingConfig –Identity <email address>


  • To manage the setting for multiple users, you need to define a CSV file and then use the above command in a look

The CSV file must be the below format:





Then you can use the loop

$users=Import-Csv <path to the CSV file>

ForEach ($user in $users)
     Set-UserBriefingConfig –Identity $emailaddress -Enabled $false

User Experience

When the Cortana Email feature is enabled, end-user will receive an automatic email looking like the below example


End-user can choose to unsubscribe using the link shown at the bottom of the email


They can also use the Cortana web site ( to subscribe or unsubscribe to these emails