Intune – Intune Diagnostic is now available for Android

After being available for iOS, this is now also available for Android devices: Intune Diagnostic.

This new diagnostic capability will help your support team troubleshooting Intune/Company Portal issues on Android devices.

This capability is available if you are running Company Portal version 5.0.4737.0 or later.

While this should be automatically updated, you can check the version of the Company Portal by accessing the About menu

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Then if you are running the appropriate version, you can then access the Intune Diagnostic tool using Microsoft Edge (it does not work on Chrome) by opening the URL about:Intunehelp

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Then you can use the Send email & upload logs to share the log files.

If you also have enabled and configured App Protection, you can get details using the View App Info. If you do not have App Protection configured, this will not return any information.