Intune – You can now continue Autopilot Hybrid Azure AD Join process even if your AD domain is not reachable

By now, you already know Intune/Endpoint Configuration Manager Autopilot which allows you to give your end-users new devices without having to build them (or even get them refreshed).

You may already know that you can also perform an Azure Active Directory Hybrid Join process (aka registering the device in Azure AD and in your on-premises Active Directory) too.

Well, this process has been improved by allowing the Autopilot onboarding process to continue even when your on-premises domain is not reachable (which may happen because the VPN connection is not working properly or required traffic for AD domain join is not allowed through VPN) – called Skip AD connectivity check.

To be able to use this new capability you need to create or edit a User DrivenHybrid Azure AD joined Autopilot profile by logging to your Intune/Endpoint Configuration Manager portal ( and access the DevicesEnroll DevicesWindows Enrollment blade


Then Deployment Profiles for Autopilot to create or edit an existing User Driven Autopilot profile


There the option to continue even the connection to an AD domain is not established is available at the Step 2 – Out of the box experience (OOBE)