Intune – You can now manage the dialer application to use when phone number is detected

As you know, with mobile devices you may have multiple dialer applications installed, the default one coming with the device but some third party apps can also be a dialer (like for example truecaller).

Well, you can now configure your application protection policy to handle which dialer app will be used when a phone number is detected.

To manage the dialer app to use, create or edit your application proxy policy by connecting to your Endpoint Configuration Manager portal ( and access the AppsApp protection policies blade


Then create or edit an existing policy for either iOS or Android


Then the dialer application management option is available during Step 3 – Data Protection

You need to set the Send org data to other app to a managed application (not the default option set to All apps), then you will be able to define the dialer application to use when a phone number is detected