OneDrive for Business – Disable Windows permission inheritance when syncing read-only content

As you may know, when you are synching content using OneDrive for Business client on your Windows device, ‘local’ Windows permissions are inherited.

With this new configuration setting, you can now disable this inheritance for folder(s) with read-only access.

NOTE this ‘read-only’ setting will not change permission on SharePoint

It is not recommended to enable this settings on users which are not syncing read-only content.

Currently the ‘read-only sync’ policy can only be enabled by using a registry key – we may expect this will come soon though the Office 365 Client Configuration Service (




The value 1 means the policy is enabled and 0 it is disabled.

You need to have OneDrive for Business client version 19.192.0926.0012 or later.

This settings can help improving synchronization performance.