SharePoint – The SharePoint Mobile application now supports custom branding

As you may know, you can customize the branding of your Office 365 tenant using your own logo and banner.

This customization has been available for quite some time now, but there was one limitation: the SharePoint mobile app did not apply the customization and continue to display a standard/generic branding.

Well, good new, it has finally arrived and now the SharePoint mobile app is now applying your branding.

To ensure the branding is applied successfully you need to use SVG (

Scalable Vector Graphics) files for your logo and banner.

The SharePoint mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices here:

You can customize/update your branding by accessing your Office 365 administration portal ( and then, depending if you are using the new admin experience or not, you need to:

  • When using the ‘classic’ experience
    • click on the name of your organization shown at the top right below your name


    • or access the SettingsOrganization Profile menu and then the Manage custom themes for your organization option

  • When using the new experience
    • access the SettingsSettings menu and then go to the Organization Profile tab to access the Custom themes option