Teams – A new capability available for Teams Mobile on Android devices: Walkie Talkie (preview)

We all know walkie talkie, a communication device for instant push-to-talk communication.

Well, this capability is now available in preview for Microsoft Teams mobile on Android devices.

During the preview period, your Teams administrator must made it available first from the Teams administration centre ( by accessing the Teams appsManage apps blade and search for Walkie Talkie to made it available


Then the Teams administrator must edit the application setup policy to made it available to your client by accessing the Teams appSetup policies and edit the corresponding policy to then add the Walkie Talkie application using the Pinned apps section

image_thumb1   image_thumb3[1]  image_thumb4[1]

Then it may take up to 48 hours to become available.

The walkie talkie app will be usable with only with members from the Teams channel.

Once the Walkie Talkie application is available on your device, you can start it using the More… menu


Then you choose the Channel where are connected the other users you want to talk with and you click on Connect

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You may be asked to grant permission to Teams to access and use your audio


And finally just Press and hold to talk


You can also access the Walkie Talkie settings to define some options like enabling the  noise reduction and the notification when somebody tries to contact you

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