Windows 10 – You can now use your Windows PC to make call with your mobile phone

You may already know the Your Phone companion apps for Windows 10 which can be used to send text message directly from your PC (and off course read the received ones):

Well the Your Phone companion app has been updated and is now allowing you to make call directly from your PC using your mobile phone.

To start using this new capability, you must first have linked your mobile phone with the Your Phone apps on Windows, then you will see the Calls option


As this is the first time you will need to authorize the app to access your telephone functions using the Get Started and then Send permission request to your linked phone.

Additional permission requests may appear depending if you just installed the app

image_thumb[4]  image_thumb[6]

Once completed you will immediately see your call logs and will now be able to make calls directly from your Windows PC.


For the purpose of this blog I just called my voicemail to show how it works.

When you initiate a call from your Windows device a little window is poping up on the top right side showing up the number being dialled, as well option to mute the call, display the keypad (can be useful if you have to enter pin or conference call code), and you can even transfer the call back to your mobile phone; while your mobile phone screen is showing your are on phone call

image_thumb[9]  image_thumb[10]

You can off course use the phone logs to call again and previous number you have dialled or which dialled yuo


You can disable this function but accessing the Settings menu and turn off the Allow this app  to make call option