Women Rising Wrap Up

As this round of the Women Rising program comes to an end, I find myself leaving with a newfound sense of clarity. Prior to the program, I had just shifted my career path to IT, and was still trying to figure out things. The program was a game changer in terms of helping me to better understand, and work on important aspects of career planning. It also allowed me to create a fabulous network of like-minded women along the way. Many of them with many years of working experience in the IT industry. 

The program was very hands on, with lots of valuable content, including discussion sessions, covering unaware bias behaviours experienced by women at workplace and how this affects their productivity and well-being at work. Understanding these behaviours made me realise how common they can be and that they aren’t being openly discussed. This was a great way to develop my own awareness and allow me share unaware bias awareness within my workplace.

For me, my biggest takeaways from the program would be:

  • Asking for help will always be the best way to find the right path for where you want to go. The women I met in this program were great leaders and change makers in their own way and their specific work fields. Stories inspire, their/our stories can inspire. 
  • The coaching sessions. They’re great when it comes to covering any specific questions that can’t be covered in the group sessions and the Megan, who leads them is so knowledgeable and can handle even the hardest questions.
  • The program has a very practical approach, and very hands on with the content. This is great for a fast-paced current life. You cover the theory and simultaneously apply it to day-to-day work.

I encourage more women to join this program if they’re interested in pursuing or building their career in tech or any other field! It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills, engage in self-exploration, and identify a starting point for your career path. Aside from this, I also found it valuable to network with a phenomenal group of women, which I find particularly important when working in such a male-dominated industry.  

And if you find yourself registering for the next round of sessions, you may find me leading your cohort group ?. This is the next exciting step I’m taking, leading one of the cohort groups in the session starting in March.   

If you’re interested in finding out more about the program, or if you’re keen on joining, click here.